Europe's Lost World

This is the development leading up to the science exhibition, demonstrating key features of the simple game of finding a location for our Mesolithic friends to live. Algorithums for the building of villages, agent navigation, scoring and leaderboard are all now done. All that remains is a small amount of fine tuning, so all looks good for gaming at the exhibition. See you there !

We’re getting on well with the game. The game’s user interface has been developed and will make interacting with the game both simple and straightforward. It has been deisgned to make the game accessible to the widest range of players. The next step is to build the scoring system and leader board …..(!)

Getting Ready for Gaming !

We’re currently working on developing an interactive game for the Exhibit. Will Mesolithic man survive and flourish or will he drown under the waves? - It’s for you to discover! The photo below shows development in progress on our Mechdyne touch table, with Simon guiding Mesolithic man away from the rising tide to his new home. There is still much to decide (especially the scoring!), but so far things are looking good.