Europe's Lost World

Here are a couple of mystery objects from our replica collection - can you guess what they are, and how they were used in the landscape of Doggerland ?

All will be revealed at the exhibit !

Finally the bow is complete - Mark has worked hard using the adze to produce the rough shape of the bow, and then has smoothed out the wood with a flint scraper. The final step has been to sand the sides with a sandstone block to give the bow a good finish.

The bow is now finished and ready for the exhibition !

For those of you who have asked, Mark who has made our replica bow can be contacted at

To shape the limbs of the bow, a carving adze has had to be made. The shaft is in ash and the adze is carved from antler. It’s been lashed together using red deer leather which has been soaked for 24 hours. This is because on drying the leather clamps everything together tight and helps stop the shaft from splitting during usage. Now all that has to be done is to use it !

Our replicas are currently being created by the very talented Mark Keighley